Johnson Township, Champaign County, Ohio

I would like to build an addition on my property, who do I call?

Zoning Inspector - Bob Purk

Cell 937-869-8805  Zoning@johnsontownship.com

What is the current levy information for Johnson Township?

In 2015, two levies were passed.

- 1mil 5-year replacement levy was passed for general construction and road repairs. 

-1mil 5 year renewal levy was passed for general construction and road repairs

​These levies went into effect in 2021

A tree has fallen on my property and I believe it belongs to the township.

Please contact our office and a Trustee will assess the property.

An animal has died on my property, will the township remove it?

Trustees will remove animals that are hit on the township roads. Sometimes these animals make their way to a homeowner's property. Please call the office and a Trustee will visit the property.

Who can I call about questions with current township levies?

Please call our office and ask for Nikki Sarver - Fiscal Officer

​My road needs plowed from a heavy snowfall, who's responsible?

This page has a map of Township roads, shown in Blue. These roads are the only responsibility of the Township.

Can I visit a Board of Trustees to ask questions as a concerned citizen?

Yes, our meetings are open to the public. We ask that you call ahead so that we can put your interest on the agenda.